Master Thesis

Theses of ENREM Graduates

The following are the master theses titles from ENREM graduates, from intake 2008 until now. 



  • López Toruño , C. (2022). “Participatory Assessment of Nature-Based Solutions to complement the Environmental Management of the Dipilto River Watershed, Nicaragua”. Supervisors: Dr. Munoz Robles, C., Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Huber-Sannwald, E.
  • Calla Durandal , L. (2022). “Historical trajectory of the Mangrove´s loss in the Gulf of Guayaquil, Ecuador”. Supervisors: Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Reyes Agüero, J., Dr. Calles Procel, A.
  • Torrico Valdez , J. (2022). “A Sustainable alternative for the Chiquitano Dry Forest in Bolivia: Local Perspectives on cultivating Cusi Palm (Attalea Speciose Mart.)”. Supervisors: Dr. Van´t Hooft, A., Dr. Raedig, C., Dr. Huber-Sannwald, E.
  • Ayala Gomez, T. (2022). “Analysis of municipal Organic Waste-to-Energy Production Chains: Feasibility of Biohydrogen Generation in Cali, Colombia”. Supervisors: Dr. Avila Galarza, A.,  Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. López Castrillón, Y.
  • Aguilar Jaramillo, L. (2022). “Gender mainstreaming in urban planning to improve socio-environmental conditions of marginalized public spaces: Analysis for the urban management of District 18 in Cali, Colombia”. Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J.,  Dr.  Van´t Hooft, A., MSc. Nieto Caraveo, L.
  • Pacheco Mafla , L. (2022). “Sustainability Strategies for the Bellavista Community (Ecuador): Potential of Bio Aquatic Production”. Supervisors: Dr. Schlüter, S.,  Dr.  Fortanelli Martinez, J.,     Dr. Calles Procel, A.
  • Jaquez Gonzalez , L. (2022). “Bioplastic use feasibility in greenhouse farming in the Mexican Potosino Plateau”. Supervisors: Dr.  Fortanelli Martinez, J., Dr. Schlüter, S., Dr. Aguilar Rivera, N
  • Farías Garduño, O. (2022). “Adaptation of human communities to droughts: A Systemic Sustainability Assessment in Rioverde, San Luis Potosí facing Climate Change”. Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Reyes Hernadez, H., Dr. Huber-Sannwald, E.
  • Martinez Parga, M. (2022). “Bridging the gap towards sustainable development: the cultural-ecological handprint of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn in Germany”. Supervisors: Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Van´t Hooft, A., Dr. Huber-Sannwald, E.
  • Carrillo Ameneyro, J. (2022). “Life Cycle Assessment as a tool for waste management. A case study of a composting heat recovery system as an energy alternative for Germany and Mexico”. Supervisors: Dr. Bhandari, R., Dr. Algara Siller, M., MSc. Sessa, V.
  • Byk , R. (2022). “The potential of Renewable Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity Conservation as alternatives to external income in El Fuerte, San Luis Potosí, México”. Supervisors: Dr. Reyes Agüero, J., Dr. Raedig, C., Dr. Espinosa Reyes, G.

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  • Cuichán Palma, C .(2021): “Safeguarding indigenous traditional knowledge. the sustainable commercialization of medicinal plants through Biotrade“. Supervisors: Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Van´t Hooft, A., Dr. Navarrete, H.
  • González Villacis, D .(2021): “Analysis of potential reduction of atmospheric emissions from harvesting process in sugarcane fields in Tamasopo-Mexico and Campos Dos Goytacazes-Brazil“. Supervisors: Dr. Schlüter, S., Dr. Fortanelli Martinez, J., Dr. Aguilar Rivera, N.
  • Hincapie Agudelo, M .(2021): “From the Mountains to the Coast: using bird data to enhance connectivity in the sugarcane landscape of Campos Dos Goytacazes, Brazil“. Supervisors: Dr. Raedig, C., Dr. Reyes Hernadez, H., Dra. Simoes, M.
  • López Sigüenza, F .(2021): “Tourism carrying capacity assessment for the sustainable management of the Protected Area “Marino Ballena” National Park, Costa Rica“. Supervisors: Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Vazquez Solis, V., MSc. Barrantes Ramírez, W.
  • Samaniego Figueroa, X .(2021): “Integrated waste management assessment for end-of-life photovoltaic modules: A Case Study of Mexico“. . Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Avila Galarza, A., Dr. Rodriguez Torres, I.
  • Murillo Jaramillo, D .(2021): “Analysis of drought propagation in the Paute Basin, Ecuador“ . Supervisors: Dr. Nauditt, A., Dr. Munoz Robles, C., Dr. Celleri Alvear, R.
  • Davalos Rivas, G .(2021): “Protocol for evaluating the impact of informal tourism on water quality using microbioilogical indicators “ . Supervisors: Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Ilizarturri Hernadez, C., Dr. Vallejo Pérez, M.
  • Fernández Reyes, S .(2021): “Strategic assessment of an on-campus energy system: The University energy program of UASLP, Mexico“. Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Algara Siller, M., Dr. Nahmad Molinaris, Y.
  • González Rivas,A .(2021): “Natural phytorestoration by Pinus Teocote Schltdl. & Cham. in areas impacted by mine tailings in El Realejo, Guadalcazar, SLP“. Supervisors: Dr. Raedig, C., Dr. Reyes Agüero, J. , Dr. Briones Gallardo, R.
  • Martinez Guzmán, V .(2021): “Proposal for a food security program: the urban agricul ture guideline at the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi". Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Algara Siller, M., Dr. Ramos Palacios, C.

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 INTAKE 2018

  • Chalé Mendoza, M. (2020). “Biotransfer of As (III) and As (V) in Raphanus sativus, Solanum lycopersicum, and Lactuca sativa”. Supervisors: Dr. Garcia Chavez, E., Dr. Sturm, M., Dr. Cisneros Almazan, R.
  • Chasi Tinoco, P. (2020). “The touristic in Real de Catorce, Altiplano area of San Luis Potosi by using sustainable indicators”. Supervisors: Dr. Vazquez Solis, V., Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Reyes Agüero, A.
  • Coenen, H. (2020). “A Methodological Guideline to Assess integrated municipal solid waste Management in Ecuador”. Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Avila Galarza, A., Dr. Soliz Torres, M.
  • de Castro Soares, R. (2020). “The Contribution of Decentralized Photovoltaics to Energy Poverty Alleviation in La Pila, SLP, Mexico”. Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Algara Siller, A.,  Dr.  Zazueta Gutierrez, J.
  • Gámez Hidalgo, S. (2020). “Mapping Chagas disease transmission risk using vector and reservoir distribution models in San Luis Potosi, Mexico”. Supervisors: Dr. Galindo Mendoza, M., Dr. Raedig, C., Dr.  Ballesteros Rodea, G.
  • Lienhart, K. (2020). “Flash Floods in Matehuala, Mexico: An Index-Based Risk Analysis”. Supervisors: Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Julio, P., Dr.  Palacio Aponte, A.
  • Pirazán Palomar, L. (2020). “The role of urban wetlands in disaster prevention: the case of flood risk reduction in Bogota, Colombia”. Supervisors: Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Julio, P., MSc. Fuentes Coles, M.
  • Quintero Vargas, T. (2020). “Effects of Eco-labels on Consumer Intentions to Purchase Sustainable Food within the Student Community of Cologne”. Supervisors: Dr. Schlüter, S., Dr. Marquez Mireles, L., Dr. Zizumbo Colunga, D.
  • Rivera Cabrera, C. (2020). “The role of the USMCA in Multi-Level Governance of transbandary air pollution in the border region of US-MX: case California-Baja”. Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Avila Galarza, A., Dr. Aguilar Robledo, M.,
  • Rodríguez Zumbado, A. (2020). “The Pacuare Reserve landscape: land cover change and implications fpr biodiversity conservation in Costa Rica”. Supervisors: Dr. Raedig, C., Dr. Munoz Robles, C.,  Dr. Rodriguez Herrera, B.
  • Serano, C. (2020). “Hurricane resilience and food security in Caribbean small island developing states: a study of the Commonwealth of Dominica”. Supervisors:  Dr. Schlüter, S., Dr. Julio, P., Dr. Nehren, U.
  • Silva Santelices, C. (2020). “Urban wetlands and resilience to climate change: a case study Valdivia, Chile”. Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Julio, P., MA. Insunza Corvalan, X.
  • Suarez Hernandez, R. (2020). “Success factors for Mexican Non-Formal environmental education programs”. Supervisors: Dr. Romero Contreras, S., Dr. Nehren, U., MSc. Nieto Caraveo, M.
  • Wild, C. (2020). “Quantification of the ecosystem function pest control: assessing predation rates of artificial caterpillars by birds in secondary forest fragments within a peri-urban area in southeastern Brazil”. Supervisors: Dr. Raedig, C., Dr. Fortanelli, J.,  Dr.  Pirateli, A.

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 INTAKE 2017

  • Recinos Brizuela, S. (2019): “A Coastal Vulnerability Index for Sea Turtle Conservation Management in Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica. Supervisors:  Dr. Raedig, C., Dr. Reyes Hernadez, H., Dr. Borges, G.
  • Arias Ramirez, E. (2019): “Approach for a sustainable irrigation district in Monterrey-Casanare, Colombia”. Supervisors: Dr. Ribbe, L., Dr. Charcas Salazar, H., Dr. Posso Suarez, Ch., Dr. Rocha Escalante, H
  • Fazito Rezende, G. (2018): “Perceived impacts on ecosystem services and coping strategies by dairy farmers in the Atlantic Forest of Rio de Janeiro during the drought of 2014-2017”. Supervisors: Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Reyes Agüero   , J.A., Dr. Soares Da Silva, A.
  • Sabatinelli Rodriguez, T. (2019): "Resilience of agroecological systems to extreme weather events: a social network theory approach in El Cobre Production Cooperative, Santiago de Cuba". Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J.,  Dr. Aguilar Benitez , G., Dr. Ruiz Torres, M.
  • Cabezas Yanchapaxi, A. (2019): “Remote Sensing analysis of urban heat in semi-arid climates: a tool for sustainable city development in San Luis Potosi, Mexico”. Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J.,  Dr. Munoz Robles, C., Dr. Bonilla Moheno, M.
  • Suárez Flores, N. (2019): “Tourism carrying capacity as an instrument for local sustainable development in Peña de Bernal, Querétaro”. Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J.,  Dr. Vazquez Solis, V., Dr. Palacio Aponte, A.
  • Reyes Bejarano, J. (2019): “Environmental Peacebuilding and Traditional Gold Mining Communities: Challenges and opportunities in a post-conflict Setting in Colombia”. Supervisors:   Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Diaz-Barriga, F., Dr. Aguilar Robledo, M.
  • Gübel, K. (2019): “The contribution of agricultural biodiversity to food security in an indigenous community in the Huasteca Potosina, Mexico”. Supervisors: Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Reyes Agüero, J.A., Dr. Aguilar Benitez, G.
  • Marcelli Sanchez, C. (2019): “Connectivity for conservation: a systematic approach to link relevant areas for conservation with the Biosphere reserve Sierra del AbraTtanchipa”. Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Reyes Hernadez, H.,  Dr. Munoz Robles, C.
  • Cueto Garcia, J. (2019): "Biosphere Reserves as Means for Sustainable Development. The Case of Sian Ka'an, Mexico”. Supervisors:  Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Aguilar Robledo, M., Dr. Brenner, L.
  • Gareis, A. (2019): "Water scarcity in Rioverde: analysis of SDG indicator 6.4.2". SupervisorsDr. Ribbe, L., Dr. Charcas Salazar, H., Dr. Rocha Escalante, H.

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  INTAKE 2016

  • Aguilar Ramirez, A. (2018): “Sustainability in fashion: consumer behavior and the greening of the garment industry in Mexico“.  Supervisors:Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Van´t Hooft, A., Dr. Mballa, L.
  • Barriga Albuja, M. (2018): “Comparative study of renewable energy policies between Ecuador and Germany. Shifting from FITs to Auctions“.  Supervisors:Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Van´t Hooft, A., Dr. Leonardo Espinoza, J.
  • Bossek, D. (2018): “Analysis of the integration of Volkswagen de México´s sustainable projects into the emerging Mexican Emissions Trading System and their environmental and social potential“.  Supervisors:Dr. Schlüter, S., Dr. Rodriguez Torres, I., Dr.  Martinez Hernandet, M.
  • Castillo Lopéz, D. (2018): “Evaluation of food flow: Urban metabolism in northern of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil “. Supervisors:Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Medellin Milan, P., Dr. Schlüter, S.
  • Cisneros Vidales, A. (2018):“Building Sustainable Urban Development through Resilience Strategies in La Pila, San Luis Potosi, Mexico". Supervisors:Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Algara Siller, M., Dr.  Gutierrez Sanchez, V.
  • Gallegos Trujillo, V. (2018): “The role of connectivity for sustainable regional development in the Highland Plateau zone of San Luis Potosí“.  Supervisors:Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Van´t Hooft, A., Dr. Lopez Mares, M.
  • García de la Torre, M. (2018): “Desarrollo de Competencias para la Sustentabilidad, a través del aprendizaje basado en escenarios“.  Supervisors:Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Medellin Milan, P., MSc. Nieto Caraveo, L.
  • Guarín Cifuentes, D. (2018): “Potential of using morphological and functional traits of woody species as indicators of dry conditions in the transition zone of the Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica) in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil“ .Supervisors: Dr. Raedig, C., Dr. Reyes Agüero, J., Dr. Satler, D.
  • Moon, B. (2018): “A Study of Solar PV Potentials to Ensure Reliable Supply of Affordable Electricity in Favelas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil“. Supervisors: Dr. Schlüter, S., Dr. Aguilar Robledo, M., Dr. Hamhaber, J.,
  • Morales, G. (2018): “Sustainable Development in Región Media through the Zona Media Extension and Investigation Center of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí".  Supervisors:Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Medellin Milan, P., MSc. Nieto Caraveo, L.
  • Muñoz Herrera, L. (2018): “Assessment of ecological and socio-economic impacts of meteorological and hydrological drought in Colombian Mojana Region“. Supervisors:Dr. Ribbe, L., Dr. Muñoz Robles, C., Dr. Fortanelli, J.
  • Ramirez Paredes, S. (2018):“Monitoreo del entorno para la salud infantil desde un enfoque integral: En un escenario metropolitano“.  Supervisors:Dr. Sturm, M., Dr.  Calderón Hernández, J., Dr. Teran Hernandez, M.
  • Sauer, J. (2018): “The value of the ecosystem service pollination within a social-ecological system in Huila, Colombia“. Supervisors:Dr. Raedig, C., Dr. Reyes Agüero, J., Dr. Gracia Martinez, G.
  • Sobisch, M. (2018): “The potential of agroecology as a tool for sustainable ecosystem stewardship. Assessing the introduction of agroecological practices within the Maya Biosphere Reserve’s buffer zone (Petén, Guatemala)“.  Supervisors:Dr. Raedig, C., Dr. Reyes Hernández, H., Dr. Steuerer, L.

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  • Benavides Mondragon, L. (2017): “Advancing sustainability in Latin American cities: a study case on the urban metabolism of San Luis Potosí, Mexico“. Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Ávila Galarza, A., Dr. Bädeker C.
  • Berger, A. (2017): “The potential of greenhouse gas emissions reduction in the agro-industrial sector: A case study of biogas systems in Uruguay“. Supervisors:  Dr. Bhandari, R., Dr. Bernal Jácome, L., Dr. Zetsche, N.
  • Bocanegra Díaz, J. (2017): “Hydrological Drought Assessment in the Tempisque-Bebedero Catchment System in Costa Rica“. Supervisors: Dr. Ribbe, L., Dr. Muñoz Robles, C., Dr. Bernal Jácome, L.
  • Brauer, C. (2017): “Participative Development of a Sustainable Vanilla Pod Dryer for Small Scale Vanilla Producers in the Huasteca Potosina, Mexico“.  Supervisors:  Dr. Bhandari, R., Dr. Reyes Hernández, H., Dr. Rolke, S.
  • Chang-Hong, T. (2017):  “Carbon Sequestration under different Land Uses and Soils in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico“. Supervisors: Dr. Nehren, U., Dr. Álvarez Fuentes, G.,   M.C. Alberto Pereira Corona.
  • Galindo Borbón, C. (2017): “Comfort Perception and its Influence on Energy Consumption in Social Housing in Hot Dry Climates“. Supervisors: Dr. Bhandari, R., Dr. Van´t Hooft, A., Dr. Galindo Mendoza, M.
  • Meza Rodríguez, I. (2017): “Drought Risk Index in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil". Supervisors: Dr. Nehren, U., Dr.  Julio Miranda, P.,   Dr. Muñoz Robles, C.
  • Nuñez, S. (2017): “Lessons Learned from the 2011 Landslide Event in Nova Friburgo, Brazil? - A Resilience Study on the Community and Municipality Levels".  Supervisors: Dr. Nehren, U., Dr.  Julio Miranda, P.,   Dr.  Morán Escamilla, J.
  • Peña Guerrero, M. (2017):  “Assessment of Water Quality and Quantity for agricultural requirements during Drought periods in The Maipo River Basin, Chile". Supervisors: Dr. Ribbe, L., Dr. Muñoz Robles, C., Dr. Meza Dabances, F.
  • Tello Valle Hiriart, J. (2017): “Promoting the Establishment of the Natural Heritage Private Reserves in the Municipalities of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil - Case Study in Nova Friburgo, Porciuncula and Varre Sai“.  Supervisors: Dr. Raedig, C., Dr. Reyes Agüero, J., Dr. Luévano Bustamante, G.
  • Thanos, D. (2017): “Spatial Analysis of Urban Mobility in San Luis Potosi and its Environmental and Social Implications“. Supervisors: Dr. Hamhaber, J.,  Dr. Algara Siller, M., Dr. Cárdenas Tristán, A.

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  • Barrales Carvajal, E. (2016):  "Estrategias para la seguridad alimentaria en zonas rurales secas: el caso de San Antonio de Coronados, Catorce, San Luis Potosí, México”. Supervisors: Dr. Fortanelli Martínez, J., Dr. Schlüter, S., Dr. Guzman Chavez , M.
  • Cobs Muñoz, V. (2017): "Análisis espacial de cambio de uso de suelo en la Reserva de la Biósfera la Campana-Lago Penuelas, Chile". Supervisors: Dr. Galindo Mendoza, M, Dr. Roehrig, J., Dr. Fuenzalida Diaz, M.
  • Diaz Otalora, L. (2016): “Prácticas agroecológicas de sistemas familiares en las regiones prioritarias para la conservación: Sierra del Abratanchipa y Sierra de Xilitla”. Supervisors: Dr. Aguilar Benitez, G., Dr. Raedig, C., Dr. Jarquín, R.
  • Hasselbring, C. (2016): “The planning phase of an energy management system according to iso 50001: elaboration for the Robert Bosch plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico”. Supervisors: Dr. Rodriguez Torres, I., Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Nuñez Gutierrez, C.
  • Jaramillo Duque, A. (2016): “A comparison between two management systems of protected areas from Mexico (Sierra del Abra Tanchipa Biosphere Reserve) and from Ecuador (Yasuni National Park)”. Supervisors: Dr. Marquez Mirelles, L., Dr.Raedig, C., Dr. Avalos Lozano, J.  
  • Jimenez Torres, A. (2016): “Analyzing technical and economic suitability of renewables over wastewater treatment plants. An approach considering energy policies and their impacts”. Supervisors: Dr. Bernal Jácome, L., Dr. Bhandari, R., Dr. Izar Landeta,  J.
  • Mardones Hidalgo, M. (2016): “Biodegradation of industrial wastewater in a laboratory scale constructed wetland”. Supervisors: Dr. Bernal Jácome, L., Dr. Sturm, M., Dr. Medellín Castillo, N.
  • Moreno Freydig, H. (2016): “Design of non-motorized mobility plan for warm climate cities - case: Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico". Supervisors: Dr. Vazquez Solis, V., Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Díaz Gonzalez, R.
  • Pedrotti Jung, V. (2016):  “Sustainable coffee alternatives for the rural community of San Francisco, municipality of Tamazunchale San Luis Potosi, Mexico". Supervisors: Dr. Marquez Mireles, L., Dr. Schlüter, S., Dr. Fortanelli Martínez, J. 
  • Perez Henriquez, V. (2016): “Fair trade of mezcal between Santigo Maxatlán, Oxaca, Mexico”. Economic alternative for local producers”. Supervisors: Dr. Reyes Agüero, J., Dr. Schlüter, S., Dr. Marquez Mireles, L.
  • Pérez Rodríguez, E. (2016): “Payment for ecosystem services in degraded landscapes in rural Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”. Supervisors: Dr. Reyes Agüero, J., Dr. Raedig, C., Dr. Nehren, U.
  • Rodríguez Marat, M. (2016): “Modelos de predicción de generación de biogás: análisis crítico y aplicación al caso de Tucumán, Argentina”. Supervisors: Dr. Avila Galarza, A.,  Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Bernal Jácome, L.
  • Ruiz Muñoz, M. (2016): ” Formulation of a system for assessing the sustainability of the artesanal production of mezcal: the case of Santigo Maxatlán, Oxaca”. Supervisors:  Dr. Medellín Milán, P., Dr. Hamhaber, J., MSc. Nieto Caraveo, L. 

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  •  Flores Darán, L . (2015):  "De la gobernanza ambiental transnacional a su implementacion local: el caso del PACMUN en Mexico". Supervisors:    Dr. Aguilar Robledo, M,  Dr. Hamhaber, J,  Dr. Reyes Hernández, H
  • Blanco Betancourt, D. (2015):    "Análisis del manejo tradicional del germoplasma de papa (Solanum spp.), en dos comunidades rurales del departamento de La Paz, Bolivia". Supervisors: Dr. Reyes Agüero, J,  Dr. Gaese, H, Dr. Torrico Albino, J 
  • Combariza Diaz, N.  (2015):  "Evaluation of micro hydro rural electrification projects in the Dominican Republic”. Supervisors:    M.Sc. Moreno Mata, F,  Dr. Bhandari, R, Dr. Izzo, I
  • González Pando, A. (2015):  "Valoración del Modelo de Evaluación y Acreditación de los Centros de Educación y Cultura Ambiental (CECA) de México". Supervisors: M.Sc. Nieto Caraveo, L,  Dr. Hamhaber, J,  Medellin Milan, P
  • Hensler, L . (2015):  "Propuesta de un Modelo de Educación Ambiental para la Gestión Integral del Territorio en Comunidades Rurales ". Supervisors:    M.Sc. Nieto Caraveo, L,  Dr. Hamhaber, J , Dr. Aguilar Robledo, M
  • Herrera Lopera, E. (2015):   "Assessment of groundwater contamination in the upper basin of Rio Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”. Supervisors:    Dr. Cardona Benavides, A, Dr. Ribbe, L, Dr. Castro Lagarroita, J
  • Hidalgo Arellano, M . (2015):   "Analysis of the current photovoltaic energy situation within Net Metering policy in Brazil and Mexico: definition of barriers and recommendations for further adoption". Supervisors:    Dr. Medellín Milán, P,  Dr. Bhandari, R ,  Dr. Scheidt Manoel, PKreter, K . (2015): "Analysis of Governance Potentials and Constraints for Decentralized Rural Sanitation Solutions in Rio de Janeiro". Supervisors:    Dra. Yáñez Espinosa, L,  Dra. Schlüter, S, Dr. Hamhaber, J
  • Lichtenberg, S . (2015):  "The Use of Pau-Brasil (Caesalpinia echinata Lam.) for Making Violin Bows: A Social-Ecological System's Analysis Linking Environment and Art".  Supervisors: Dr. Reyes Agüero, J, Dr. Nehren, U, Dra.Huber-Sannwald, E
  • Perozo Suárez, D . (2015):  " Endogenous Development, Theory and Practice: Interventions in the Rural Context of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil".Supervisors:    M.Sc. Nieto Caraveo, L, Dra. Schlütr, S,  Dr. Contreras Servín, C
  • Rincón Mejia, C . (2015):   "Biodegradation of dimethylphenols in a laboratory scaled constructed wetland". Supervisors:    Dra. Alfaro de la Torre, M,  Dr. Sturm, M,  Dr. Heipiper, H
  • Román Gurrola, M . (2015):   "Propuesta de plan para la gestión integral del agua en una cuenca con actividad minera en el municipio de Aquiles Serdán, Chihuahua". Supervisors:    Dr. Razo Soto, I ,  Dr. Roehrig, J ,  Dr. Muñoz Robles, C
  • Sánchez Martínez, D . (2015): "Environmental product evaluation guideline towards sustainable consumption - A case study on Compressed Adobe Block ". Supervisors:    Dr. Algara Siller, M, Dr. Bhandari, R, Dra. Schlüter, S
  • Sánchez Santillano, F . (2015):   "Analysis of decentralized solar energy systems resilience. A Germany-Mexico transfer approach". Supervisors:    M.Sc. Moreno Mata, F, Dr. Bhandari, R , Dr. Contreras Servín, C
  • Taller, D . (2015):  "Visions for the Rehabilitation and Management of degraded Landscapes in the Mata Atlântica of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil". Supervisors:    Dra. Julio Miranda, P, Dr. Nehren, U , Dra.Huber-Sannwald, E
  • Villalobos, G. (2015): “Transformaciones en los medios de vida y en la organización social de comunidades productoras de quinua real orgánica en el Altiplano Sur de Bolivia”. Supervisors: Dr. Fortanelli Martínez, J.,  Dr. Hamhaber, J., Dr. Aguilar Robledo, M.
  • Vivero Miranda, R . (2015): "Analysis of alternative solutions for urban mobility: the case of Münster, Germany". Supervisors:    Dr. Aguilar Roledo, M, Dr. Hamhaber, J,  M.Sc. Moreno Mata, F 




  • Arce Mojica, T . (2014):  "Developing a Metodological approach for a National risk Index for Mexico". Supervisors:    Dra. Julio Miranda, P, Dr. Nehren, U, Dr. Vázquez Solís, V
  • Butz, K . (2014): "Drought Vulnerability Assesment in Northern-Central Chile". Supervisors:   Dra. Julio Miranda, P,  Dr. Ribbe, L , Dra.Huber-Sannwald, E
  • Cawich, F. (2014):   "Water Quality Impact on Rice Production. Case Study: Blue Creek, Belize". Supervisors:   Dr. Charcas Salazar, H, Dr. Roehrig, J, Dra. Alfaro de la Torre, M 
  • Espinosa Muñoz, S . (2014):  "Design of a Low-cost Acclimatization System for sustainable social Housing in a Temperate-dry Climate in Mexico". Supervisors:   Dr. Algara Siller, M, Dr. Hamhaber, J , Dr. Arista González , G
  • Gey, M . (2014): "The introduction of moringa (Moringa Oleifera) as a food commodity: a case study on the value chain from Ometepe Island, Nicaragua". Supervisors:  Dr. Durán García, H,  Dr. Torrico Albino, J,  Dra. Cervantes González, E
  • Klimpel, T . (2014):  "Financial Mechanism for Conservation: Water Fund to protect the Water Forest". Supervisors:  Dr. Reyes Agüero, J , Dra. Raedig, C , Dr. Salazar Dreja, A
  • León Ortiz, C . (2014): "Integration of solar space cooling technology in Mexico´s social housing sector - Feasibility study in a warm humid region“. Supervisors:   M.Sc. Moreno Mata, F, Dr. Bhandari, R , Dra. Huelsz Lesbros, G
  • Martínez Mata, F . (2014): "Social Participation in Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and ForestDegradation + Program in Mexico". Supervisors:   Dra. Van’t Hooft, A, Dr. Nehren, U, Dr. Aguilar Robledo, M
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  • Pauls, T . (2014): "Impact Evaluation of Educational and Participative Stategies- A Case study of a of Community Gardens program in Lima/Per". Supervisors:  Dr. Muñoz Robles, C,  Dra. Schlüter, S, Dr. García López, J
  • Pedraza Luengas, A  . (2014): "Assesment of Silvopastoral Systems Establishment in Sao Jose de la Uba, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ". Supervisors: Dra. Yáñez Espinosa, L ,  Dr. Torrico Albino, J , Dra. Schlüter, S
  • Peñaloza Guerrero, C . (2014):  "Flood Resilience Assesment, a Case Study at Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosi, Mexico“. Supervisors:    Dra. Julio Miranda, P,  Dr. Nehren, U, Dr. Fekete, A
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  • del Lama Soares, F . (2014):   "Strategies of the Programa Vila Viva in the Aglomerado da serra, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil ". Supervisors:  Dra. Ayllón Trujillo, M , Dr. Hamhaber, J,  Dr. Leroy Evangelista, J.
  • Villarraga Morales, H . (2014):  "Removal of Selected Constituents of Coal Pyrolysis Effluents in Constructed Wetlands- Laboratory Scale ". Supervisors: Dra. Alfaro de la Torre, M, Dr. Sturm, M,  Dr. Wießner, A
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  • Börner, S. (2013):  "Análisis de la Percepción de Riesgos Ambientales para la Salud en Niños y Adolescentes de Comunidades Vulnerables bajo Riesgos Múltiples, en la Ciudad de San Luis Potosí, México". Supervisors:   Dra. Cubillas Tejeda, A,  Dr. Torrico Albino, J, M.Sc. Nieto Caraveo, L
  • Bultmann, J. (2013):  "Evaluation of the Brazilian "Fome Zero" and the Mexican "Oportunidades" Anti-hunger Programs as Strategies to improve Food Security". Supervisors:  Dr. Pinos Rodríguez, J, Dra. Schlüter, S, Dr. García López, J
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  • Orozco Corona, D. (2013):  "Attenuation of Solar Radiation by the Presence of Moisture in San Luis Potosi, Mexico". Supervisors:    Dr. Bernal Jácome, L , Dr. Stadler, I, Dr. Carbajal Pérez, J
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  • Riveros Ospina, D. (2013):  "Resilience in Santa Cruz del Islote: Sustainability of a Social-Ecological System in the Colombian Caribbean".  Supervisors:   Dr. Reyes Agüero, J, Dr. Hamhaber, J, Dra.Huber-Sannwald, E
  • Sánchez Martínez, N . (2013): "Policies and Life Cycle Analysis for the Production of Biofuels". Supervisors:  Dr. Medellín Milán, P,  Dr. Torrico Albino, J, Dr. El-Halwagi, M.
  • Terán Valdez, A. (2013):   "A Biological Corridor for the Sierra Madre Oriental (San Luis Potosí, México): Socio-Economic Viability for Enhancing Connectivity". Supervisors:  Dr. Reyes Hernández, H , Dra. Raedig, C,  Dr. Chapa Vargas, L
  • Velázquez Vázquez, V. (2013):  "The Devil Comes Through Water: Invasion of the Devil Fish (Loricariidae) in the Grijalva River, Mexico". Supervisors:  Dr. Mejía, J, Dra. Raedig, C , Dr.Ilizaliturri, C

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  • Aguirre Muñoz, C. (2013):  "The Water Framework Directive and the Chilean Normative: Towards a Comoprehensive Relation Between Water Quality and Morphological Characterization in Surface Water, Limari Basin, Chile". Supervisors:  Dra. Alfaro de la Torre, M,  Dr. Ribbe, L,         
  • Almanza Ramírez, A . (2012):   "Life Cycle Assessment For Wastewater Treatment In The Chemical Industry". Supervisors:  Dr.Bernal Jácome, L,  Dr. Sturm, M, Dr.Blöcher, Ch 
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  • Castillo Taleno, V. (2012):   "Comparison of Two Constructed Wetlands With Different Soil Depths In Relation To Their Nitrogen Removal". Supervisors:  Dra. Alfaro de la Torre, M, Dr. Sturm, M, Kuschk, Peter 
  • Clausen, C . (2012):   "Governance of Sustainable Social Housing Programs: Potential For Implementation Of Unep-Sushi In Uruguay". Supervisors:  Dra. Van’t Hooft, A, Dr. Hamhaber, J, MSc. Alfonso, S 
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  • Flores Aguilar, A . (2012):   "Reducing Emissions from Deforestation And Forest Degradation (Redd+) In The Municipality Of Cachoeiras De Macacú, Rj-Brazil: Feasibility Determination Through An Enviromental Governance Analysis".  Supervisors:    Dr. Aguilar Robledo, M,  Dr. Nehren, U, MSc. Alfonso, S 
  • González González; C. (2012):   "Potential Use Of Dairy Cattle Manure For Biogas Production". Supervisors:       Dr. Pinos Rodríguez, J, Dra. Schlüter, S, Dr. García López, J
  • Jimenez Lira, M . (2012): "Acciones Y Estrategias Para Un Plan De Manejo De La Microcuenca De Monte Caldera, San Luis Potosí ". Supervisors:    Dr. Razo Soto, I , Dr. Torrico Albino, J  , Dr. Charcas Salazar, H  
  • Latofski Robles, M. (2012):  "Restoration Priorities For The Mexican Islands". Supervisors:  Dr. Reyes Hernández, H, Dra. Schlüter, S, Dr.Aguirre Muñoz, A
  • León Gómez, A . (2012):   "Análisis De La Percepción De Exposición A Riesgos Ambientales A La Salud En Distintas Poblaciones Infantiles". Supervisors:  Dra. Cubillas Tejeda, A, Dr. Torrico Albino, J , M.Sc. Nieto Caraveo, L
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  • Ríos Guayasamín, P . (2012):  "Characterization Of The Global Value Chains Of Organic Products In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Case Study In Cachoeiras De Macacú And Nova Friburgo". Supervisors:  Dr. Reyes Hernández, H, Dr. Torrico Albino, J,  Dr. Trippia dos Guimaraes Peixoto, R
  • Salazar Hernandez, E.  (2012):   "Remoción De Hidrocarburos Mediante Biopolímeros Naturales: Efecto Del Tamaño De Partícula". Supervisors:   Díaz Flores, P, Dr. Sturm, M, Dra. Cervantes González, E
  • Souza Lenzi, F. (2012):  "The Flood Early Warning System In The Itajaí River Basin: Its Institutional Structure And The Role Of The Civil Defence". Supervisors:  Palacio Aponte, Á, Dr. Roehrig, J, Dr. Bohn, N
  • Töpfer, K . (2012):   "Converting Urban Organic Waste To Energy: A Study Of The Biogas Potential In San Luis Potosí, Mexico". Supervisors: Dr. Pinos Rodríguez, J , Dra. Schlüter, S , Dr. García López, J
  • Vera Aguirre, S. (2012):   "Water Governance Assessment Focused On Water Supply And Sanitation In Watersheds Of Rio De Janeiro State, Brazil". Supervisors: Dr. Medellín Milán, P, Dr. Ribbe, L ,  Dra. Bardy Prado, R  
  • Werner, F. (2012): "Assessment Of The Stream Physical Enviroment And Study Of Its Relation With Water Quality In The Guapi-Macacu Watershed, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil".  Supervisors:  Dra. Yáñez Espinosa, L, Dr. Ribbe, L, Dra. Bardy Prado, R 

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  • Altrichter, C. (2011):  "Diversificación De La Matriz De Energía En La Región Metropolitana De Santiago Con Energía Eólica Y Energía Del Mar ". Supervisors: M.Sc. Moreno Mata, F, Dr. Stadler, I, Dr. Vargas Díaz, L
  • Ávila, R . (2011):  "Empleo De Bagazo De Agave Salmiana Como Biosorbente Para Remoción De Azul De Metileno En Agua". Supervisors:  Dra. Díaz Flores, P, Dr. Sturm, M, Dr. Rangel Méndez, J
  • Azuara Sánchez, J . (2011): "Evaluation Of A Solar Energy Application As A Water Supply Solution For Households In The City Of San Luis Potosí". Supervisors:  Dr. Bernal Jácome, L,  Dr. Hamhaber, J, Dr. Stadler, I
  • Bermudez Zarruk, R . (2011): "Peak Load Clipping For Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction In Managua, Nicaragua: The Role Of Solar Thermal Water Heaters And Photovoltaic Systems In Households". Supervisors:   Dr. Castro Larragoitia, J,  Dr. Stadler,  Dr. Hamhaber, J
  • Castillo Moncada, J . (2011):   "Priorización De Medidas Dentro Del Plan Maestro De Manejo De Cuencas". Supervisors:    Dr. Palacio Aponte, A,  Dr. Roehrig, J, MSc. Meier, G
  • Cote Navarro, F. (2011):  "Analysis Of A Hydrological Modelling Tool For Water Reources Management In The Valles River Basin, Mexico ". Supervisors:   Dra. Galindo Mendoza, M, Dr. Ribbe, L, Dr. Souvignet, M 
  • Dumack, S. (2011):   "Strategies And Concepts Towards Integrated Non-Formal Environmental Education In Mexico".  Supervisors:   M.Sc. Moreno Mata, F ,  Dr. Torrico Albino, J, Dr. Aguilar Robledo, M
  • Flores Hernández, U . (2011): "Energías Renovables Para El Desarrollo Rural Sostenible En Comunidades Indígenas Dentro De La Huasteca Potosina". Supervisors:    M.Sc. Moreno Mata, F,  Dr. Torrico Albino, J , Dr. Martínez Montejano, M 
  • Gütermann, L  . (2011):  "Economic Elements To Support The Establishment Of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) In Chile: Case Study Of The Villarrica Lake Watershed". Supervisors:    Dr. Aguilar Robledo, M,  Dr. Roehrig, J , Dr. Quadflieg, A
  • Heindorf, C . (2011):  "Análisis De La Agrobiodiversidad De Solares Tropicales De Mexico". Supervisors: Dr. Reyes Agüero, J,  Dr. Gaese, H, Dr. Fortanelli Martínez, J 
  • John, A  . (2011):  "Análisis Del Proceso De Consulta Y Participación En Proyectos Petroleros En El Territorio Indígena Moseten, Bolivia “. Supervisors:    Dr. Aguilar Robledo, M, Dr. Torrico Albino, J , Dra. Yáñez Espinosa, L
  • Lindo Riggs, R . (2011): "Análisis De Los Efectos Adversos De Las Políticas De Mitigación Del Cambio Climático En La Matriz Energetica De Panamá". Supervisors:  Dr. Charcas Salazar, H,  Dra. Schlüter, S , Dr. Llanes Regueiro, Ju
  • Marin, S . (2011):   "Diagnostico Sistemico De Viabilidad Social: Corredor Biológico Central, Belize “. Supervisors:  Dra. Ayllón Trujillo, M ,  Dr. Hamhaber, J, Dr. Harmsen, B
  • Merino Sánchez, C . (2011):   "Monografía De Plantas Antiinflamatorias De La Etnia Xi'Iuy De La Región De La Palma De San Luis Potosí “.  Supervisors:  García Chávez, E,  Dra. Schlüter, S ,  Dr. Aguirre Rivera, J 
  • Moreno Unda, A. (2011):  "Efectos Ambientales Del Programa Nacional De Desmontes, Mexico 1972-1982". Supervisors:  Dr. Aguilar Robledo, M,  Dr. Nehren, U, Dr. Ávalos Lozano, J 
  • Padilla González, C. (2011):  "A Comparison Of The Efficiency Of Sulfate Reduction And Cadmium Remotion Using Constructed Wetlands". Supervisors:  Dr.Bernal Jácome, L,       Dr. Sturm, M,  Dra. Alfaro de la Torre, M 
  • Portillo Perez, G. (2011):   "Análisis Del Potencial De Energía De Mareas En El Golfo De Baja California". Supervisors:   Dr. Bernal Jácome, L,  Dr. Ribbe, L,  Dr. Carbajal Pérez, J
  • Ramírez Sánchez, A . (2011):  "Integration Of Water In Global Energetic Balance Of Sustainable Housing “. Supervisors:  M.Sc. Moreno Mata, F, Dr. Hamhaber, J , MSc. Schimschar, S
  • Rojas Arnez, C . (2011):   "Energy Governance For Climate Adaptation In Santiago De Chile, Case Studies: Comunas Of Maipú And Providencia". Supervisors:   Dr. Reyes Agüero, J,  Dr. Hamhaber, J , Dr.Stelzer, V
  • Scian, L . (2011): "Evaluación De Las Emisiones De La Tecnica De Remediación "Bioslurping" En Estaciones De Servicio De La Ciudad De Buenos Aires". Supervisors:    Dra. Cervantes González, E,  Dr. Roehrig, J, Dr. Scian, A
  • Tun, C . (2011):  "Actitudes Y Comportamientos Socioambientales En Sistema De Gestión De Residuos. Investigación-Acción Participativa En Belmopán, Belize “.  Supervisors:    Dra. Ayllón Trujillo, M, Dr. Hamhaber, J , Dr. Roehrig, J 
  • Zambrano Monroy, B . (2011):  "Lipasas Como Biomarcadores En La Degradación De Alcanos Y Aromáticos". Supervisors:  Dra. Cervantes González, E, Dr. Roehrig, J, Dr. González Ramírez, C
  • Zatarain Salazar, J . (2011):  "Optimization Of Sludge Dewatering Process At Bensberg Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant". Supervisors:  Dr.Bernal Jácome, L, Dr. Sturm, M, Dr. Alatriste Mondragón, F
  • Zieke, G . (2011): "Development Of A Low-Cost, High-Efficiency Solar Distillation Unit For Small-Scale Use In Rural Communities ".  Supervisors:   Dra. Alfaro de la Torre, M, Dr. Sturm, M,  Dr. Nieto Navarro, J 

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  • Aké Hernández, J. (2010): “ Water Quality Monitoring System Approach To Support Guapi-Macacu River Basin Management, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil“. Supervisors:  Dra. Alfaro de la Torre, C ,  Dr. Ribbe, L ,   Dra. ardy Prado, R
  • Antoni, C. (2010): “Construcción de un Esquema Multidisciplinario de Riesgo en la Huasteca Sur". Supervisors:  Dr. Díaz-Barriga Martínez, F,  Dr. Gaese, H, Dr. Mejía Saavedra, J
  • Botello Salinas, L. (2010): “Evaluation Method Of An Environmental Management System Of Hazardous Substances In The Industry. Case Of A German-Mexican Company“. Supervisors: Dr. Ávila Galarza, A, Dr. Hamhaber, J, Dr. Schulz, C 
  • Cabrera Pacheco, A. (2010):   “Campos de Refugiados: Relaciones Socio-Ambientales según la Temporalidad". Supervisors:  Dra. Ayllón Trujillo, C, Dr. Hamhaber, J, MEng.Sandholz, S
  • Chávez Acuña, I. (2010): "Análisis Estructural De Dos Poblaciones De Dioon Edule Lindl. (Zamieaceae) En Comunidades Indígenas Y Mestizas De La Región Xi'Iuy De La Palma, S.L.P.:Implicaciones Ecológicas Y Culturales".Supervisors:  Dr. Fortanelli Martínez; J, Dr. Torrico Albino, J, Dra. Yáñez Espinosa, L
  • Chow Pineda, I. (2010):  "Análisis Del Potencial De Generación De Energía A Partir De Biomasa En Santiago De Chile, Chile". Supervisors:  Dr. Razo Soto ,I, Dr. Roehrig, J, Dr. Bongards, M
  • Erbe, S . (2011): "Technical, Economical And Organizational Analysis Of Informal Brick Production In Tercera Chica, Slp, Mexico". Supervisors:    Dr. Díaz-Barriga Martínez, F,  Dr. Hamhaber, J, Dr. Monroy Fernández, M 
  • Godoy Avendaño, E. (2010): "Generación de Biogas, sus alternativas de uso y posibilidades financieras a traves del Mecanismo de Desarrollo Limpio". Supervisors:    Dra. Cubillas Tejeda, A , Dr. Roehrig, J, Dr. Bongards, M
  • Grözinger, J. (2010):  "Potential Of Energy Efficiency In The Residential Sector In Brazil". Supervisors:    Dra. Ortiz Perez, D,   Dr. Hamhaber, J, M.Sc. Schimschar, S
  • Hoffmeister, M. (2010): "Plan Integrado Para La Gestión Sostenible De Aguas Subterráneas: El Caso De La Cuenca Del Río Rapel, Vi Región De Chile". Supervisors:  Dr. Cardona Benavides, A,  Dr. Ribbe, L ,  Dr. Salgado, E 
  • Jorio. N. (2010):  "Performance Analisys Of Wind Reosurce Assessment Software In Different Wind Sites In Mexico And Brazil“. Supervisors:  Dr. Razo Soto, I , Dr. Stadler, I, Dr. Wiesner, W
  • Kuhn, C . (2010):  "Iniciativa de Campos Verdes, un Enfoque de Cambio Organizacional". Supervisors:    Dr. Medellín Milán, P, Dr. Hamhaber, J, M.Sc. Nieto Caraveo, L
  • Loaiza-Lange, L. (2010):   "Potential Assessment Of Land Use, Land Use Change And Forestry (LULUCF) Proyects Under The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) In The Mata Atlantica. Municipality Of Cachoeiras De Macacu, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil". Supervisors:  Dr. Reyes Agüero, J , Dra. Schlüter, S, Dr. Torrico Albino, J 
  • Medrano Echalar, M. (2010): "Expansión Del Cultivo De Quinua (Chenopodium Quinoa Willd) Y Calidad De Los Suelos. Análisis En Un Contexto De Sostenibilidad En El Intersalar Boliviano". Supervisors:  Dr. Fortanelli Martínez, J ,  Dr. Torrico Albino, J, Dr. Levy Merida, L 
  • Nuñez Villarreal, J. (2010):  "Soil Erosion Assessment In The Agricultural Micro-Basin Of Pito Aceso In The Municipality Of Bom Jardim,  Río De Janeiro State". Supervisors: Flores Flores, J, Dr. Gaese, H, Dr. Nehren, U 
  • Peña Delgado, l. (2010):  “Modeling And Simulation For VOCs Extration By An Sve System". Supervisors: Dr. Cardona Benavides, A, Dr. Roehrig, J, Dr. Gaese, H 
  • Schwerin, A. (2010): "Analysis Of The Potential Solar Energy Market In The Caribbean". Supervisors: Dr. Medellín Milán, P , Dr. Hamhaber, J , Dr. Gaese, H 
  • Van Deuren, C. (2010): "Ecoturismo Regional En El Cañón Del Espinazo Del Diablo, S.L.P. Mexico". Supervisors:  Dr. Fortanelli Martínez, J , Dr. Hamhaber, J , Dr. Nehren, U

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