Beyond their mutual relation, PMPCA and ITT have their respective, partly networks and partnerships on several levels:

  • Many of the ENREM students have been and will be embedded into research projects of international scope such as the land use change research in Brazil, the water management projects in Chile or Mining in Mexico.
  • Both universities have regular cooperation with external third parties, mainly for research in master theses, which is mirrored in a large number of external third members of the academic supervision committees (comite tutelar), for example with UNEP Panama, GIZ Mexico DF, GIZ Rio de Janeiro, CARICOM in the Caribbean, SEMARNAT in San Luis Potosí, KIT Karlsruhe in the megacities research in Santiago de Chile, with Thyssen-Krupp in San Luis Potosí, just to name a few.
  • UASLP and TH Köln form part of the Center for Natural Resources and Development (CNRD)network, formed by various partners and universities around the world, for more information please visit the CNRD website: or
  • Beyond this and as a sustainability strategy, ENREM is in close contact with institutional networks and international institutions with a Latin American focus.

All these networking offer interesting opportunities for the students to work in the projects in the scope of internships and thesis work.

For more information about the Network at ITT:

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