The Double-degree MASTER PROGRAM

The binationale Master Programm started in 2008 as a joint initiative from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ) and the Mexican National Council for Humanities, Science and Technology (CONAHCYT). 

About the program

The two year Double-Degree Master Program (to be known as "Environment and Resources Management –ENREM" with focus in Latin America) is building on the two accredited master programs of the cooperating universities in Mexico and in Germany:

  • Maestría en Ciencias Ambientales at the Programa Multidisciplinario de Posgrado en Ciencias Ambientales - PMPCA from Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí (UASLP-Mexico) with a multidisciplinary context
  • Master in Natural Resources Management and Development at the Institute Technology and Resources Management - ITT from TH Köln University of Applied Science (TH Köln-Germany) with an interdisciplinary approach. 

 In this sense, the Double Degree Master Program is not offered as an independent master’s program, but as a combination of selected modules as well as a mutual recognition of their credit points (ECTS) from both national programs into a structured and predefined program.



The objective of the Double Degree Master Program (known as ENREM) is to qualify professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to evolve and apply integrated solutions for environmental and natural resources management in a local and global context and at the same time provide their work experience and regional knowledge to the mutual learning and intercultural environment.  These experts are able to analyze and solve complex environmental problems in their specific socio-cultural and political contexts, given the technical and economic potentials of both of the regions Latin America and Germany.


Target Group

The ENREM program is aimed at graduates and professionals of different nationalities and academic backgrounds  (and practical work experience) who seek to deepen their knowledge in Environmental and Resource Management and wish to acquire cross-cutting skills and regional and intercultural competencies to work in international cooperation with Latin America and Germany.



The mobility concept of the program begins with the first academic year in Mexico, the third semester takes place in Germany, and the last semester is exclusively for the research and development of the master thesis project either in Germany, Mexico, or another Latin American country depending on the thesis topic.



Successful graduates of the Double-Degree Master program will not receive an ENREM degreebut instead two degrees issued by

  • UASLP:  Maestría en Ciencias Ambientales
  • TH Köln:  Master of Science Natural Resources Management and Development


The master program qualifies the student for a wide array of attractive positions, with career perspectives working with a high international mindset in the fields of planning, project implementation and evaluation either for:

  • Professional career: preparing students for an employment in an industry, the public institutions, and non-governmental organizations(both public and third sector) working in the field of environment and resources management usually with an interdisciplinary and international market orientation, or
  • Research: leading to a PhD study and later employment at a university or research Centre 

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