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The aim of the Double Degree Master Program is to qualify young experts in the field of environmental and natural resources management. In an interdisciplinary learning environment, students diversify their knowledge and build the capacity to think transdisciplinarily and laterally, as well as team and leadership skills, among them intercultural abilities. These competencies shall equip the graduates with the ability to analyze, characterize and solve complex problems of environmental and natural resources management and well as foster sustainable development, all in line with MDGs, the post-2015 development agenda and the emergent SGDs.

The  core module provide the students with an overview of different challenges relevant to environmental and natural resources management as Problemática y Gestión Ambiental, Desarrollo Sustentable, and some disciplinary and methodological approaches like Ecología, Estadística, Economía Ecológica, and Project and Business Management.

The Project Modules (Seminario Multidisciplinario, ProjectIII- Implementation) are team-work and project-based, and require the multi-cultural student groups to elaborate an interdisciplinary and practice-oriented case study. During these Project Modules the students go through the processes of problem definition and analysis, development of concepts and solutions and finalized by designing a concept for implementation.

The master thesis is based on a present research or management problem and can be developed within an ongoing project at a company or institution in Mexico, Germany or another Latin American Country, with the aim to expose the students to practice and embed them into a broad international network by strengthening links with organizations involved in the relevant research fields.

The key competencies in order to provide solutions for sustainable use of renewable natural resources in particular of the Latin America will be provided in mandatory and specialization elective modules. Obviously, methods and tools elective modules are focusing on scientific methodological skills.

Moreover and enhancing the learning experience, the ENREM program offers a wide range of extracurricular activities like seminars on intercultural communication, languages courses, etc. 


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First and second semester in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

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Third semester in Cologne, Germany

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