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The Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC) encompass a huge diversity of landscapes and ecosystems and is highly heterogeneous in terms of economic development and social and indigenous history. The region faces serious challenges such as climate change and natural disasters; and under conditions of population growth, urbanization and industrialization efficient environmental policies and programs are required to sustainably manage the natural resources.  This calls for specialists and leadership with integrated and trans-disciplinary approaches in managerial, economical, technical and governance to understand and find effectively solutions to these problems for a sustainable development. For bilateral and multilateral cooperation between Germany and Latin American countries there is a need for experts being familiar with the culture, language and politics of both sides and are skilled in intercultural communication.

Double-Degree Master Program (to be known as "Environment and Resources Management –ENREM") contributes to development cooperation of both regions Latin America and Germany in a local, regional and global context and understands development as a transition towards sustainability under four dimensions (social, economic, and environmental sustainability, and governance).

Why study the Double-Degree Master Program known as ENREM?

  • Two degrees in two years: Upon successful completion of the double degree master program requirements established by the two institutions, students acquire an individual Master’s degree from each university.
  • Professional expertise and expansion of your knowledge: An opportunity to look at the environmental problems and solutions in Latin America from a local perspective at PMPCA with a global component from ITT, as well as implementation into a regional context with your Master thesis in another country of Latin American. Take advantage of the strengths of both universities and broaden your academic and methodological horizon. 
  • Personal development: Experiencing two different cultures and university systems also promotes the further development of your personal and interpersonal skills as well as your intercultural competence.
  • International networking: Integration into the regular study program at both universities facilitates networking with international students. Furthermore, you are integrated into the alumni networks of both universities. This not only increases your chances for cross-border career opportunities, but also expands your potential to build a global network of contacts.  
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Application Deadline

Application deadline for scholarship (DAAD and CONAHCYT) and non-scholarship applicants: Every year January 31st 


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